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Providing high quality and standards of service requires organizations to have strengths along multiple parameters such as resources, skills, experience, tools, technologies, processes and Enterprise. This is especially true while evaluating long-term partners for large volume of business. The table below summarizes SAMPANNA’s strengths as a strategic partner to many large organizations.

  • The Company

    The Company

    SAMPANNA Consulting is management and technologies consulting firm with access to over 100 resources which can be scaled up or down depending upon requirements of the time. SAMPANNA’s main line of business includes Education & Training, Recruitments, Consulting and Outsourcing. A strong synergy exists between these lines of business making SAMPANNA an intellectual growth engine.

  • Financial Status

    Financial Status

    In operation since 2009, SAMPANNA is a debt free & fast growing company with consistent performance and planned 100% YoY growth for the next 3 years.

  • Development Resources

    Development Resources

    SAMPANNA has a strong network of professionals which are ready to engage with us, which allows us to scale up and down very quickly depending upon client requirements. These professionals include instructional designers, graphic artists, programmers, technology consultants, multimedia specialists, etc. These professionals are equipped with the latest tools for state-of-the-art development. The entire development facility is networked, and staff are linked together using workflow technologies.

  • Cost-effectiveness


    Our onsite - offshore development model allows our customers access to our vast development resources to produce better quality learning content in shorter timeframes, with significant reduction in development costs. We help organizations reduce their overall cost of custom CBT and web-based training development by up to 50%.

  • Time to Market

    Time to Market

    With access to one of the largest resource pools in the world, availability of robust development systems, high focus on quality, and effective use of cutting edge productivity tools and templates, SAMPANNA can significantly reduce the development timeframes for requirements.

  • Quality Credentials

    Quality Credentials

    Since inception, SAMPANNA has built the processes for ISO 9001:2000 compliance, and will shortly be certified assuring a high level of quality services to stakeholders.

  • Process Capability

    Process Capability

    SAMPANNA brings in tremendous strengths through the maturity of systems and process capabilities. SAMPANNA has rigorous, well-refined and thoroughly ingrained processes for every stage of the development life-cycle, client and internal communication, project monitoring and management, project metrics and measurement, and people development.

  • Breadth of Technical Expertise

    Breadth of Technical Expertise

    SAMPANNA has a wealth of experience and expertise on different authoring systems and platforms. These include Director, Flash, CDS, Dreamweaver, Docent Outliner, Visual basic, Visual C++, C , C++, Java, SQL and HTML and many others.

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Our Vision

At SAMPANNA Consulting – everything we do is to ensure alignment with our customer’s goals in order to create value for the customer.

‘SAMPANNAta’ – the word and concept guiding us – is taken from ancient Sanskrit language – it has different symbolizations, which all form the core values that drive us – 'Perfection, Excellence, Completion & Prosperity'.

perfection, excellence, completion & prosperity.

At SAMPANNA Consulting the concepts of perfection and excellence drive the completion of a task, taking us and our customers towards prosperity.

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